Take Action

We ask you as concerned citizens and parents to join us and take action.

Ethan Rediske Act

Named for a severely disabled student, this bill was inspired by a mother who was forced to apply to the Department of Education for a waiver from mandated state tests as her son, Ethan, lay dying. Click here to tell legislators that caregivers of disabled children need our support and compassion not bureaucracy and red tape.

Student Privacy/Biometrics Bill

The privacy of Florida's children is at stake. Click here to urge Florida legislature to protect children’s privacy by protecting their biometric information like fingerprints and retina scans.

School Grading Plan

Click here to urge Tallahassee politicians to suspend the school grading plan and the high stakes tied to the accountability system while establishing a thoughtful implementation of new standards and assessments. Tell them to do the right thing for children and their schools.

Charter School Expansion Bill

Click here to take action on a bill that robs the local control of taxpayer funded charter schools from the duly elected school boards. This bill gives political appointees on the Board of Education approval over charter applications and contract negotiations.

Voucher Expansion Bills

Click here to speak out on a bill that diverts taxpayer dollars away from public schools and eliminates funding caps in order to greatly expand vouchers for private, often religious, schools. This would result in significant negative impact on the Florida General Revenue fund for public schools and the critical needs of the state.

Speakout - Debit Cards for Vouchers

Take action here on a bill that would distribute taxpayer dollars on debit cards for parents to use as tuition at private, often religious, schools. These vouchers would divert substantial funding away from public schools and would require no accountability or transparency for the taxpayer dollars distributed.